Issue 12 | August 2023

This issue marks the conclusion of the fourth year of Majuscule. When we started this journal back in that innocent year 2019, our collective attitude combined hopefulness and ambition along with a fair dose of doubt: were we really going to be able to make this a going concern? One pandemic, one presidential election, four World Series, several thousand cups of coffee (black, preferably iced), and countless seismic changes in the zeitgeist later, we feel that we have succeeded, albeit modestly. We measure our success not in web traffic or clicks or ad dollars, but rather in conversations started, ideas explored, writers and artists supported. This issue is a representative sampling of what we have tried to achieve: some cheeky pop-culture analysis, some exploration of marginalized identities, some cultural history, and some terrific art, as well as our usual check-ins from around the globe. May there be many more issues to come.

On Bimbos and Tradwives

Exploring the Postfeminist Frontier

by Emmeline Clein

Remembering What I Can’t Know

On Yugoslavia, Storytelling, and Impossible Identity

by Nina Reljić

A Mirror, or a Stone

Teotihuacan in Image and Memory

by Surya Milner

The True Transsexuals

A Medical and Linguistic History of Sexual Deviance

by Annie Howard

Featured Artist: Emily Weiner

A Conversation

by Amy Wilson

Letter from Delhi

Anandi Mishra

Letter from Nigeria

Rachael Joshua

Letter from Budapest

Nicole Waldner