Issue 1 | October 2019

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Majuscule. You may well be asking yourself, another online literary journal? really? and I wouldn’t blame you. But rather than trying to huff and puff about how we are different, or better — because, frankly, I am not entirely sure that we are — I’d rather just let the writing that we have here, in our inaugural issue, speak for itself. The reason is simple: we don’t really know what we’re doing, or what is going to happen with this. So in the spirit of keeping expectations reasonable, I decline to provide one of those hyped-up pitches that one expects in this place. Instead I invite you to dig in to the essays and letters below, and to join us in our first tentative steps.

J. David Kelsey

My Professor’s Living Room

Mentorship and the Idea of Academic Bohemia

by Sheila Liming

I Spy

A Teenage Critic, Spy Magazine, and the Brat Pack

by Mark Athitakis

Knotted Prayers

A Daughter, a Father, and a Journey Into Healing

by Courtney Gillette

Top of the Pops

What Reality TV Tells Us About Life in the UK

by Amelia Horgan

Letter from California | Sarah Cypher

Letter from India | Ram Tripathi

Letter from Seoul | Stacie Allan