Issue 10 | December 2022

As we enter our fourth year of publication, we feel that there is a little bragging to be done. Two of our essays from last year, by Matt King and Sebastian Stockman, have been selected for honorable mention in the prestigious annual anthology Best American Nonfiction Essays. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we get a charge out of scanning the list and seeing “New York Review of BooksNew York TimesWashington PostVanity FairMajuscule …”(!) In another part of the forest, we are proud to have joined the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, a New York City-based nonprofit institution that organizes and advocates for literary journals and small presses across the country. As stated in their mission statement, the organization is “a sustaining lifeline—raising publishers’ organizational capacity, helping them connect their writers to more readers, and serving as a dependable, essential hub for nurturing community support.” And it was our privilege to serve as one of many sponsors for the CLMP’s festive annual gala, held in Chelsea on November 2. We think that these developments are indeed worthy of celebration.

Let’s Call It Love

Reborn Dolls and the Internet

by Autumn Fourkiller

A Rabbit Hole Within a Rabbit Hole

Dreams, Data, and Identity in the Void

by Leah Mandel

Lost to the Sands of Time

Ephemerality in the Digital Age

by Greta Rainbow

Bully Talk

On Comfort, Cinema, and Looking Into the Sun

by Suzie Bovenzi

The Art of Ionel Talpazan

A Conversation With Daniel Wojcik

by Amy Wilson

Letter from Phoenix

Mark Athitakis

Letter from Pedong

S. B. Easwaran

Letter from Kuala Lumpur

Tomas Pinheiro