Issue 11 | April 2023

From its inception Majuscule has been determinedly theme-free. The driving idea behind the journal was the solicitation and publication of good writing, and we wanted there to be as few barriers and as wide a scope as possible. We wanted to trust writers to follow their noses wherever they led, without trying to force an artificial constraint onto each issue. (To be completely honest, we also felt that putting together a literary journal from scratch three times a year would also be quite challenging enough without undue complications!) That said, there are issues that seem, almost by magic, to organize themselves around common considerations. It wasn’t until we were well into assembling Issue 11 that we noticed that all of the essays dealt, in some way or another, with women in media: women in song, in dance, in animation, in true-crime narratives; women resisting erasure or exclusion, women in the act of self-creation. Sometimes, it seems, a theme does not need to be planned.

Delia’s Gone

On the Trail of a Folk-Song Ghost

by Courtney E. Smith

On Tahia Carioca

The Belly Dancer Who Brought Samba to Egypt

by Mary Fawzy

New Magic to be Made

On the Lure of Animation

by Danielle Monique

Sold My Soul to True Crime

Ego, Ethics, and the Alleged Cruelty of Authors

by Peter Raffel

Featured Artist: Jiha Moon

A Conversation

by Amy Wilson

Letter from Nigeria

Vivian Onwujiogu

Letter from Berlin

Sanders Isaac Bernstein

Letter from London

Jay Murphy