Issue 2 | December 2019

Letter from the Publisher

With warranted great expectations, I spoke in May 2019 with Mssr. Michael Lindgren about a potential project to bring to life some of his literary-world ideas. His intellect, breadth of interest, and professional fearlessness (he parried admirably with Christopher Hitchens via phone message machines, to my great delight) are unique in my set of colleagues. I have not been disappointed with the first edition of Majuscule, whose talent of contributors, engaging subjects, and well-crafted content renewed my faith in the modern written word. I am honored to be a part of Majuscule as it evolves, providing a beautifully curated, creative empty canvas upon which outstanding writers, critics, and essayists may paint their masterpieces or simply indulge a long-standing literary dessin that has been itching to be released from fertile minds.  We hope you enjoy our second offering.

J. David Kelsey

The Root of STEM’s Problems

Science, Science Studies, and STEM Education in America

by Jennifer L. Lieberman

Get the Idea, Boys?

Mae West’s Shoes

by Sabina Stent

She Eats So Many Slate-Pencils

Higher Disorder, Public Education

by Anitta Santiago

My Friend, My Self

On Female Friendship and Identity in Relationships

by Susan Bright

Letter from France | Aidan Chivers

Letter from Spain | Laia Font

Letter from Los Angeles | Mae Cromwell