Issue 3 | April 2020

Letter from the editor

What is there to say at a time like this? In the face of spreading disaster, a niche journal of ideas with a limited remit cannot but feel deeply superfluous, and yet … After some discussion, we have decided to proceed with this our third issue. I am not going to make a claim of special relevance for any of the fine essays we have here, all of which, of course, were commissioned well before anyone had heard of COVID-19 or flattening the curve or social distancing or all the rest of it. I have, though, taken the liberty of adding my own “Letter from Jersey City,” below, in the spirit of reflecting on how this bizarre and disturbing new reality looks from my corner of the globe. Stay safe, everyone.

Michael Lindgren

Bistro, Kiosk, Kayak, Coyote, Pagoda

A Personal Journey Through Language

by Kris Herndon

In Defense of Men

On the Failures of Political Heterosexuality and No Cis Men

by Sophia Giovannitti

A New Pop Culture Climate

The Warming World and the Media We Consume

by Dave Levitan

A God-Awful Small Affair

Whiteness and Art in the 20th Century

by Catherine Nichols

Letter from Delhi | S. B. Easwaran

Letter from Bangkok | Tomás Pinheiro

Letter from Jersey City | Michael Lindgren