Issue 7 | December 2021

In this, our seventh issue of Majuscule, four seemingly disparate essays nevertheless circle an essential question: How do we create our understanding of the world around us? This month’s talented essayists explore the regurgitation of pop culture, the marketing genius of evangelical influencers, the line of actual control between virtual and physical reality, and the audacious, willful New Journalism of Janet Malcolm. Both mind-bending and intellectually ticklish, these pieces dialogue with each other like a scribble on a page: one line of thought that dashes to and fro. Please, slip into these essays as an escape from your current reality, and as a way to better understand what informs it. Please tag us on Twitter @majusculelit with your thoughts as you read. We’d love to scribble with you, too.  

Tavia Kowalchuk

Everything in Retrograde

Pop Nostalgia in the Era of Slow Disaster

by Julieta Caldas

The Messy In-between

Urban Materiality, Digital Space

by Annie Howard

“You Do Not Belong to the World”

Evangelical Christianity and the Internet

by Anna Genevieve Winham

Freud, Facts, and Folly

Janet Malcolm on the Uncertainty Beat

by Sebastian Stockman

Letter from Berlin | Sanders Isaac Bernstein

Letter from Delhi | Anandi Mishra

Letter from Slovenia | Chealsia Smedley