Issue 8 | April 2022

Since its inception, Majuscule has been conceived of exclusively as a home for good, if unclassifiable, writing by new and under-appreciated writers. We deliberately kept our mission limited to the publishing nonfiction prose, with the stated intention of keeping expectations manageable. Now that we are entering our third year, though, we feel that we are ready for an expansion of our scope. Starting with this issue, Majuscule will feature the work of a visual artist whose work we feel is worth celebrating and amplifying—this in addition to the images we have chosen as visual accompaniments to each of our essays. It is a pleasure to announce the first Majuscule featured artist, Tiffany Calvert, whose inventive and technologically savvy picture-making expands the boundaries of how we think of perception and creation. We hope you will find this a worthy and admirable new facet of our project.

A Feral Year

The Novel Beyond the End of Communication

by Sarah Cypher

Fourteen Variations on Silence

A Meditation on the Unheard

by Alina Ştefănescu

Ain’t I A Woman

On White Feminism

by Marian Jones

A Body of Work

On Identity and the Changing Physical Form

by Kate Willsky

Featured Artist: Tiffany Calvert

A Conversation

by Amy Wilson

Letter from Shanghai | Cheng Mun Chang

Letter from Nairobi | Donald Ngonyo

Letter from Philadelphia | Matthew Zarenkiewicz