Issue 9 | August 2022

One of the small pleasures of running a literary journal is seeing the list of writers one has published grow incrementally along the way. And a corollary pleasure is being able to bring some of them back for Round Two, as it were. In this issue, we have re-upped two of our favorites: Marian Jones, who writes here on long Covid and its aftermath, and Matthew King, who writes about digital urban spaces, or maybe urban digital spaces, one is not quite sure. They are joined here by Leah Rosenzweig and Bradley Davis, as well as the brilliant artist Jeanne Silverthorne, in conversation with Majuscule board member Amy Wilson. As always, we’d love for you to follow us on Twitter and Instagram (both @MajusculeLit). The world may not be ready, though, for Majuscule TikTok …

Someday, You’ll Forget It All

On Body, Memory, and the Myth of Maternal Amnesia

by Leah Rosenzweig

Urban Dopplegangers

On Digital Cities

by Matthew King

Come, Friends, Let Us Weep

On Seeing the Stars Anew

by Bradley Davis

The Long Run

Social Dysautonomia and Covid

by Marian Jones

Featured Artist: Jeanne Silverthorne

A Conversation

by Amy Wilson

Letter from India | Ram Tripathi

Letter from Ukraine | Dmitro Kyiashko

Letter from Portugal | Emily Duffy